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Our Professional Services.

Media Planning and Activation

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Media Execution and Optimization

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Marketing Strategy

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“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”

Jef I. Richards
Why Choose Us

Why We're Different

Halo.D exists because marketers are forced to navigate a messy, confusing, and expensive digital advertising ecosystem that has too many tools and not enough solutions. Rest assured, we are experts at this stuff. We cut through the clutter and provide platform-agnostic digital advertising solutions for budgets that are fit for mid-market brands and agencies.

Built For Agencies

Our goal is to make you successful with all aspects of media execution to help you grow your business. Sometimes that means your clients might know you’re working with a partner. But other times, you might prefer for us to be completely in the background, as a white label partner, as an extension of your team. We do that too.

A Single Point of Entry

There is no need to sign long or expensive contracts with individual technology partners or additional staffing to manage these technologies in-house. And if we don’t have a specific subscription that you need, we will get it - guaranteed. When you work with Halo.D, we’re your single point of entry to everything you need to activate and execute digital media campaigns.

A Full Team From Day One

We’re here to provide you with the people necessary to run and scale your media business. On every account, we assign a 7-person team ranging from Account Management to Analytics to Ad Operations and more. This team provides a host of services that start with planning and go all the way through the campaign lifecycle to reporting and analytics.

Pricing That Scales

The way we price is specifically designed for agencies. That means we work like an agency, but price like a vendor. Because media is a pass-through cost on a CPM basis, most of our agency clients never pay a dime for the work we do. As we grow our partnership, there is increased flexibility as we want every agency engagement to be a true win-win partnership.